The Top 3 Reasons Why You Are Using More Water Than You Think | Water Neutrality Offsets

Although many businesses are making an effort to conserve water, there are aspects of water usage that slip under the radar and prevent organisations from retaining as much water as they can.

1. Drips and Leaks

Leaky pipes and taps that drip are the hidden faults that increase water usage in businesses and homes. A dripping tap can waste over 5,500 litres of water a year, enough to fill a paddling pool every week for the whole summer.

Most people are unaware of leaky pipes in their establishment until it is too late, when severe and lasting damage has been done to the building or when the expensive water bill must be paid. According to the AIB an estimated £3.9 million is paid by insurers every day for claims relating to water leaks.

2. Inefficient Taps and Showers

Taps and showers are two of the most used appliances in everyday life, but are also often the most wasteful. Many people prefer to spend longer washing their hands and body for their personal hygiene, but this can also use more water than is necessary.

Aerators in taps can give the same feel as regular running water, whilst using over 50% less water. Taps and showers that use sensors can be programmed to run for only a short amount of time, encouraging users to spend less time running the appliance without actually using it.

A running tap can use up to 1 litre every 5 seconds, a surprising volume of water in such a short time. The Swiss Eco Tap and Conti+ showers are the perfect to solution to such problems, saving 90% more water when washing hands and discouraging water wastage in the shower.

3. Automatic Flushing Toilets

Urinals that flush at regular intervals to prevent smell and dirtiness are logically one of the most consistent users of water in businesses, but many people are still shocked at how much water they use over longer time frames.

Flushing urinals are estimated to use over 100,000 litres of water every year per toilet, a huge amount of money that adds up over the course of the year. Waterless urinals are a cheaper, more environmentally friendly option that actively eradicates smells in toilets. With a return on investment in as little as 4 ½ months, they are a key product in water conservation and reduction of your water bills.

Can Net Zero Water Help Me Achieve Water Neutrality?

Yes, Net Zero Water can aid in all areas of water savings and reuse. Full service consultancy is available. Please feel free to setup a call to discuss options and get some free advice.